The Global Outreach Medical & Health Association (GOMHA) offers accreditation for both certification and certificate programs. GOCMHCA Accreditation is specifically intended for certification programs, while GOMHCAP Accreditation suits the needs of certificate programs. Accreditation for education and training programs provides a third-party validation that your program has met recognized national and international standards for development and implementation of education and training.

To help ensure the medical, health, welfare, and safety of the public, Global Outreach Medical & Health Association (GOMHA) created its accreditation body, the Global Outreach Commission for Medical and Health Certifying Agencies (GOCMHCA) in 2018.

To provide guidance to organizations and professionals seeking to develop high quality certificate programs, Global Outreach Medical & Health Association (GOMHA) developed, the Global Outreach Medical and Health Certificate Accreditation Program (GOMHCAP) in 2018.